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Case Study:

Seamless Talent Acquisition through Fractional Recruiting & Staff Augmentation.

Having trouble hiring for that difficult role?


Everlywell, a pioneer in the modernization of lab testing, offers individuals access to credible, validated laboratory tests from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Through a combination of best-in-class science, physician oversight, and rigorously validated collection methods and services, Everlywell empowers people to be proactive about their health. 

To fuel its growth and maintain its competitive edge, Everlywell recognized the need to enhance its talent acquisition process. As the organization expanded, the demand for personnel at various levels, ranging from support staff to executive level, became more pressing.


Finding the right talent is a critical factor for any company's success, especially in a highly competitive market. Everlywell faced challenges identifying skilled and qualified individuals to fill their open roles. The company needed a reliable partner to offer a flexible and effective recruiting solution, enabling them to scale according to their needs.

Solution: Partnering with Helix Human Capital

Everlywell chose to collaborate with Helix Human Capital. Our unique Fractional Recruiting approach and Staff Augmentation services became the central pillars of the partnership.


Here's how these services contributed to Everlywell's recruiting success:

Fractional Recruiting

Helix's Fractional Recruiting model allowed Everlywell to tap into the expertise of Helix's specialized recruiters to fill the immediate need of growing their company. Integrating directly into Everlywell’s internal recruiting team and processes, Helix worked hand-in-hand with hiring managers to get a deep understanding of their needs prior to sourcing qualified talent and shortlisting high-caliber candidates for interview. This approach provided the benefits of full-time support through the entire recruiting process. It also provided the adaptability to slow down or pause when needed and reinstate or accelerate support during hiring rounds.


Staff Augmentation

Through Staff Augmentation, Helix provided Everlywell with skilled and qualified personnel who seamlessly integrated into their team during a high-growth phase and expansion into a new city. Partnering with Helix for staffing, with emphasis on contract and contract-to-full-time roles, efficiently filling a substantial number of positions within a year. This extended Everlywell's in-house capabilities without investing in full-time employees, ensuring that they could efficiently recruit the talent required in the moments they needed them most.


By leveraging Helix’s innovative approaches, Everlywell has been able to:

  • Identify and attract top talent at all levels, from support staff to C Suite.

  • Streamline and elevate their recruiting process, making it more efficient and responsive.

  • Build a strong relationship with a partner who understands their needs and can provide tailored solutions. 

  • Prioritize candidate experience throughout the interview process, strengthening Everlywell’s reputation as a great workplace.


Helix Human Capital's Fractional Recruiting approach and Staff Augmentation services have played a crucial role in Everlywell's recruiting and growth strategies.


By offering scalable, tailored solutions, Helix has enabled Everlywell to meet its talent acquisition needs at all organizational levels. The ongoing partnership illustrates the value of flexibility and specialization in today's talent acquisition landscape.

"Shea and the Helix Human Capital team has been an integral part of Everlywell’s recruiting strategy since 2018.  Their Fractional Recruiting approach and Staff Augmentations services has helped identify talent at all levels, from Support staff to Executive level.  We continue to look forward to partnering with Helix on future recruiting initiatives.”

Julia Cheek, CEO of Everly Health


Why Partner With Helix Human Capital?

Imagine collaborating with a partner anchored in unwavering trust who consistently prioritizes your interests.


We deeply understand the nuances of corporate dynamics and consistently deliver successful hires, time and again. Excellence isn’t accidental in recruiting, it’s an intentional journey.

This is what we offer you, and all our clients. No exceptions.

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