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Case Study:

Addressing the immediate demand for recruiting and hiring skilled talent.


Having trouble hiring for that difficult role?


BioIntelliSense is a pioneering healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the field of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Committed to delivering clinical intelligence for healthcare providers, the company has developed a medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform that facilitates continuous health monitoring for patients. This platform seamlessly captures multi-parameter vital signs and physiological biometrics, offering an effortless patient experience.


BioIntelliSense was faced with a significant hurdle when it came to talent acquisition. At the onset of our engagement, the company did not have an established recruiting function. They had 40 employees and an increasing demand for specialized talent in corporate and tech sectors but needed expert resources to fulfill these needs.

Solution: Partnering with Helix Human Capital

BioIntelliSense chose Helix Human Capital to address the immediate demand for recruiting and hiring skilled talent. Here's how we successfully solved BioIntelliSense’s challenges:

Fractional Recruiting

Immediately, we placed a specialist in corporate recruiting to get to work finding top exec talent. As hiring needs surged, a second contract recruiter specializing in tech recruiting was added to the team. Our approach was holistic including a full integration into their internal processes and systems while working hand-in-hand with BioIntelliSense's leadership to understand their talent acquisition needs and goals in order to provide consultation on growth initiatives, develop job descriptions, and recruit and hire an exceptional team.

Contract Staffing

We provided contract employees across various roles and departments to accommodate BioIntelliSense's fluctuating staffing needs during times of rapid growth. These temporary and long-term placements have allowed the company to seamlessly scale operations without the commitment of full-time hires, providing the flexibility needed to navigate high-demand phases. This strategic approach to staffing met immediate workforce needs and allowed BioIntelliSense to maintain agility and operational efficiency as they expanded.

ATS Implementation

In partnership with BioIntelliSense's leadership and HR team, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of their talent acquisition needs, highlighting the requirement for an applicant tracking system (ATS). We assisted the Recruiting Coordinator in conducting market research to identify potential ATS solutions and assisted in selecting an ATS that met all of BioIntelliSense's criteria. We then supported the implementation, seamlessly integrating the system with existing HR software and training the internal team. The new ATS dramatically streamlined their ongoing recruiting process.


By leveraging Helix’s innovative approaches, the results for BioIntelliSense were transformative:


  • The company grew from 40 employees to 150 at their peak, marking a staggering 275% growth in staff size.

  • All organizational roles were filled, ranging from leadership to support staff.

  • A seamless and efficient applicant tracking system was implemented, improving the recruitment workflow and enduring adherence to EEOC guidelines.


Our strategic and hands-on approach enabled BioIntelliSense to expand its team efficiently while ensuring the quality of talent. We scaled our services up and down in response to the company's needs, demonstrating flexibility and effectiveness. 


Even after the high-growth phase, we continue to serve as BioIntelliSense's only recruiting team, a testament to the sustainable, long-term value we’ve provided. The successful partnership underscores the importance of an integrated, tailored approach to talent acquisition for companies looking to grow and scale.

"Being a startup, BioIntelliSense had no recruiting function as we launched into a high-growth mode. Partnering with Helix was a game changer! They became an integral part of our team. They built strong relationships with our managers, took the time to understand our business, and were overall critical to our success. Positions were filled quickly with top-quality candidates who fit our culture well at a cost that saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to fee-based recruiters. I'll never use another recruiting firm."

Carolyn Lane, Director of Human Resources at BioIntelliSense


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