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At Helix, our team bridges the gap between your current needs and top-tier contract talent. Whether you have short-term project demands or a long-term requirement, we can meet your staffing needs.

Why Partner with Helix for Contract Staffing?

You’re in Control: With us, you define the tenure. From short bursts of weeks to extended collaborations spanning years, we adapt. And as contracts conclude, we offer seamless transitions, be it renewals, transitions to permanent roles, or project completions.


Adaptable Resources: Adjust your workforce with ease, meeting varying demands without the strings attached to permanent hiring.


Speed Meets Precision: Immediate needs require immediate action. We respond with speed, introducing you to candidates that resonate with your unique requirements.


Bespoke Expertise: With a vast reservoir of talent, we're equipped to provide professionals whose specialized skills harmonize with your business ethos.


Rigorous Vetting: Every second counts. Rest assured, our candidate introductions are backed by comprehensive evaluations performed by our recruitment experts.


All the Benefits, Zero Hassle: We cover health, dental, and vision benefits. For our contract staffing services, employees can opt in for benefits that Helix contributes to, which translates to better talent that will stick around.


Budget-Friendly Solutions: When full-time hires seem a stretch for your budget or there’s uncertainty surrounding how long you need a role filled, let our contract staffing pave the way. Enjoy the flexibility to end a contract or transition them to permanent roles when your finances permit.


Diverse Industries, One Solution: From IT to healthcare, engineering to the creative arena, our talent pool is vast, vibrant, and ready to serve.

Ready to position your business for success?

Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Whether you’re in a high-growth phase, expanding into a new city, or need additional staff for project-based work, Helix provides skilled and qualified contract staff who will seamlessly integrate into your team in the moments you need them most.

As a leader, you need flexibility and scalability from your solution partners. With Helix, there isn’t a minimum requirement of hours or term of the contract.


We can provide complete support while providing real-time flexibility to adjust as needed.

"​Shea and the Helix Human Capital team has been a part of Everlywell’s recruiting strategy since 2018.  Their Fractional Recruiting approach and Staff Augmentations services has helped identify talent at all levels, from Support staff to Executive level.  We continue to look forward to partnering with Helix on future recruiting initiatives."

Julia Cheek, CEO of Everly Health


Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

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Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Why Us

Still Not Sure?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t hire regularly, we often find clients are underserved by recruiting agencies, not to mention grossly overpaying for their services.


Our founders have built and led in-house recruiting teams, so they understand the importance of providing impactful, cost-effective solutions. That’s why Helix only employs exceptional, experienced recruiters.


We pride ourselves on being dedicated and trusted recruiting partners.


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