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Building a Recruiting Team?

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At Helix, our recruiting experience gives us a unique blend of speed, precision, and efficacy. The strength of our service lies in understanding the value of fast, yet careful hiring.

Why Partner with Helix for Fractional Recruiting?

Smart Budgeting: Our flexible hourly recruiting model optimizes costs and adapts as your hiring dynamics evolve.


Adaptive Scalability: Be it part-time or a dedicated team for extended periods, we're poised to match your pace, providing as many recruiters as your hiring needs require.


Genuine Flexibility: With our fractional recruiting service, we continuously flex our support to align with your needs. Initiate, pause, or resume – you decide the rhythm and the amount of support you need, and we pause billing during dormant phases.


Specialized Excellence: We provide specialized recruiters with extensive expertise in the areas your hiring requirements demand including technical, corporate, executive, and more.


Proficiency at its Peak: Deep-rooted experience equips us to understand the importance of swift and precise hiring, always prioritizing a perfect fit.


Bond Beyond Business: More than mere recruiters, we're relationship architects. By deeply understanding our clients’ culture and requirements, we consistently earn their trust and loyalty – all while providing exceptional candidate experiences. 

Ready to set your team on the path to success?

Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

If you don’t need an FTE recruiter, you’re struggling to find an exceptional recruiter, or your current recruiting team needs additional support, we’re here for you – whether you only need us a few hours per week for a short time or if you need us full-time for the foreseeable future.

As a leader, you need flexibility and scalability from your solution partners. With Helix,
there isn’t a minimum requirement of hours or term of the contract.


We can provide complete support while providing real-time flexibility to adjust as needed.

"Vinli's most important asset is our team.  Without Helix to help us scale, we would not have been able to source and hire such an amazing group of people.  Helix's fractional approach has given us the support we've needed at a price that made sense.  We are proud to call Helix a partner."

Matt Himelfarb, President of Vinli


Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Explore our Successes:

Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Why Us

Still Not Sure?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t hire regularly, we often find clients are underserved by recruiting agencies, not to mention grossly overpaying for their services.


Our founders have built and led in-house recruiting teams, so they understand the importance of providing impactful, cost-effective solutions. That's why Helix only employs exceptional, experienced recruiters.


We pride ourselves on being dedicated and trusted recruiting partners.


We'll be in touch soon!

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