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Case Studies

Case Study: WNDYR
Case Study: Octane
Case Study: Vinli
Case Study: BioIntelliSense

"When I was an in-house recruiting leader, there were occasionally more roles than my team had the capacity to work on, and I didn't need another FTE.

I needed a scalable solution that I could dial up and down, as needed, that was more cost-effective than contingency fees, and that didn't require me to interview contract recruiters that expected to work 40 hours/week for a minimum of 3 months.
A good solution didn’t exist, so we built it.”

Justin Baros, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Helix


Why Partner With Helix Human Capital?

Imagine collaborating with a partner anchored in unwavering trust who consistently prioritizes your interests.


We deeply understand the nuances of corporate dynamics and consistently deliver successful hires, time and again. Excellence isn’t accidental in recruiting, it’s an intentional journey.

This is what we offer you, and all our clients. No exceptions.


Contact our team of experts to discuss your hiring challenges.

What Our Amazing Clients Say About Us


“Shea and the Helix Human Capital team has been a part of Everlywell’s recruiting strategy since 2018.  Their Fractional Recruiting approach and Staff Augmentations services has helped identify talent at all levels, from Support staff to Executive level.  We continue to look forward to partnering with Helix on future recruiting initiatives.”

Julia Cheek - CEO of Everlywell



"Vinli's most important asset is our team.  Without Helix to help us scale, we would not have been able to source and hire such an amazing group of people.  Helix's fractional approach has given us the support we've needed at a price that made sense.  We are proud to call Helix a partner."

Matt Himelfarb - COO of Vinli



“Shea and the team at Helix have become an integral part of our team. Their model differs from traditional recruitment models. It is more equitable to both parties and ensures outcomes that benefit both. The candidates Helix have sourced have been a high calibre, and the hires we have made have enabled our business to grow and expand. The team have also gone above and beyond in particular circumstances to meet very urgent business needs. I recommend Helix, knowing that you will find not only a supplier but a partner who is willing to understand your business, its culture and its needs.”

Claire Haidar - CEO of WNDYR



“When our hiring plans spiked in 2021 we brought Justin and Helix onto the team.  Justin was able to connect with our executive team, learn the nuances of the department and roles he was tasked with owning, and made an indelible mark on our TA efforts.  His contributions were vast, not only on a transactional level, but his expertise was of great assistance to me leveling up more junior recruiters and newer members of the team.  Helix will forever be the Ace up my sleeve when it comes to staff augmentation.”

Adam Redlich - VP of Talent Acquisition for Octane


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