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Looking for a New Contingency Agency?

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At Helix, our recruiting experience gives us a unique blend of speed, precision, and efficacy. The strength of our service lies in understanding the value of fast yet careful hiring.

Why Partner with Helix for Contingency Searches?

Zero Risks Involved: Your investment begins only once we introduce you to the perfect candidate.

Efficient Results: We recognize the urgency of your needs. That’s why we will only introduce you to candidates who are sought out specifically for your requirements and culture.

Rich Professional Network: Our years in recruiting have fostered an expansive and dynamic network of top-tier candidates who can solve the most unique business challenges.


Exclusivity and Quality: While we pride ourselves on swift action, we never compromise the caliber of our candidates, nor do we share those same candidates with other clients currently hiring.


Meticulous Sourcing and Screening: We take the time to understand your specific goals and needs and screen every candidate presented against that criteria.


Versatility in Roles: Whether you’re looking for fresh talent, a seasoned executive, or a niche expert, our contingency search service caters to every need.


Transparent Pricing: Experience top-notch service at rates that align with the unparalleled value we bring to your table.

Ready to experience the Helix difference?

Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Whether you’re new to contingency search services or looking for a new contingency partner, Helix’s recruiting experts can provide the support you need. We work with companies of all sizes to successfully place top talent that drives businesses forward.

As a leader, you need a trusted partner who is dedicated to your company’s success and will prioritize your needs.


This is what we offer you, and all our clients. No exceptions.


Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Explore our Successes:

Contact our expert team to discuss your open roles.

Why Us

Still Not Sure?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t hire regularly, we often find clients are underserved by recruiting agencies, not to mention grossly overpaying for their services.


Our founders have built and led in-house recruiting teams, so they understand the importance of providing impactful, cost-effective solutions. That's why Helix only employs exceptional, experienced recruiters.


We pride ourselves on being dedicated and trusted recruiting partners.


We'll be in touch soon!

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