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Case Study:

Building a remote team with niche expertise requirements during a high growth period.


Having trouble hiring for that difficult role?


Octane® is a pioneering force in the world of recreational purchases. Founded in 2014, the company is at the forefront of offering a digital buying experience for lifestyle purchases, encompassing products like power sports vehicles, RVs, and outdoor power equipment. By blending state-of-the-art technology with innovative risk strategies, Octane has made such purchases faster, easier, and more accessible. 


With over 550 employees, Octane operates remotely, boasting collaborations with 30 OEMs and 4,000 dealers. Their commitment to excellence is showcased by their inclusion in the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America and their certification as a Great Place to Work®.


In 2021, Octane faced a significant surge in its hiring requirements. With the complexity of their remote-first operations and the niche expertise required to fit into their dynamic ecosystem, there was a pressing need to find the right talent – and fast. However, understanding the nuances of specific departments and roles posed a formidable challenge, especially in a remote setup.

Solution: Partnering with Helix Human Capital

Helix Human Capital was able to tackle this challenge head-on for Octane. Here's how we tackled Octane’s challenges:

Fractional Recruiting

Helix's experienced Recruiter worked directly with the leaders of various functions to fill all the roles in their orgs – seamlessly integrating with the existing recruiting team to adhere to the unique processes created and led by Octane’s VP of Talent Acquisition.


During short periods of increased hiring volumes, the recruiting team needs more capacity and they need a prompt, expert, and dependable solution. The Helix Recruiter successfully filled 40 roles, including several at the Director and VP level across a wide spectrum of functions, including a diverse range of Product Management, Data Science and Marketing. 


This strategic partnership ensures that Octane leadership can concentrate on their business operations, confident in the knowledge that they have a proficient ally to navigate the ebb and flow of hiring. Once all hiring needs are addressed, Octane can pause services until the next surge arises.


By leveraging Helix’s innovative approaches and customizable solutions, Octane has been able to:

  • Increase the output of their recruiting function to meet the demands of the business.

  • Build a strong relationship with a partner who understands their unique needs and is now their ‘go-to’ hiring resource. 

  • Strengthen their ongoing reputation in the market for providing an exceptional interview experience with a knowledgeable recruiting team and as a great place to work.


The collaboration between Octane and Helix Human Capital proved to be immensely valuable. Helix's solution ensured that candidates and hiring managers had a very positive experience, despite the rapid growth required by the business. Helix showcased its proficiency in fractional recruiting by integrating seamlessly into the existing recruiting function, understanding the specific needs of the business and each hiring manager. For Octane, Helix will always be the trusted partner to turn to when bolstering their workforce.

"When our hiring plans spiked in 2021 we brought Justin and Helix onto the team.  Justin was able to connect with our executive team, learn the nuances of the department and roles he was tasked with owning, and made an indelible mark on our TA efforts.  His contributions were vast, not only on a transactional level, but his expertise was of great assistance to me leveling up more junior recruiters and newer members of the team.  Helix will forever be the Ace up my sleeve when it comes to staff augmentation."

Adam RedlichVP of Talent Acquisition for Octane


Why Partner With Helix Human Capital?

Imagine collaborating with a partner anchored in unwavering trust who consistently prioritizes your interests.


We deeply understand the nuances of corporate dynamics and consistently deliver successful hires, time and again. Excellence isn’t accidental in recruiting, it’s an intentional journey.

This is what we offer you, and all our clients. No exceptions.

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