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Case Study:

Hiring a global team during a high growth phase without overextending budget.


Having trouble hiring for that difficult role?


Vinli, since 2014, has consistently pioneered advancements in the mobility and transportation sector, setting new standards and solving pressing challenges. With roots in Dallas, Texas and a remote team that spans the globe, Vinli's commitment to finding long-term collaborators was evident in every venture. At the heart of their operations lies a deeply valued asset: their team


But as the company grew, so did the complexities of attracting talent that embodied the company's ethos became increasingly evident.


For a company like Vinli, growth wasn't just about numbers but about integrating the right professionals into their global team. The challenge was sourcing talent that could adapt to Vinli's innovative culture. While Vinli was ready to invest in its team, they were also mindful of the financial implications. They needed a solution that was cost-effective without compromising on the quality of hires.

Solution: Partnering with Helix Human Capital

Helix Human Capital, with its unique fractional approach to recruiting, emerged as the ideal partner for Vinli. Here's how they tackled Vinli's challenges:

Bespoke Recruiting Process

Helix dove deep into understanding Vinli's core values, industry position, and specific requirements. This enabled them to tailor their recruiting process to attract candidates that were not just skilled but also aligned with Vinli's vision.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Helix's fractional approach meant that Vinli was only investing in recruiting services as and when required. This ensured that they weren't overextending their budget, yet had the recruiting support they needed.

Global Outreach

With Vinli's team distributed worldwide, Helix tapped into its global network, ensuring a diverse and adaptable group of candidates.


By leveraging Helix’s innovative approaches, Vinli has been able to:

  • Efficiently integrate professionals who seamlessly gelled with Vinli's innovative environment.

  • Resourcefully expand their team while maintaining a balance between growth and financial health.

  • Uphold Vinli's sterling reputation through a positive candidate experience.


In today's dynamic business landscape, the distinction between industry trailblazers and followers often hinges on talent acquisition. Partners like Helix Human Capital prove invaluable. For Vinli, this partnership wasn't just about recruitment; it was about building a foundation for continued innovation and success.

"Vinli's most important asset is our team.  Without Helix to help us scale, we would not have been able to source and hire such an amazing group of people.  Helix's fractional approach has given us the support we've needed at a price that made sense.  We are proud to call Helix a partner."

Matt HimelfarbCOO of Vinli


Why Partner With Helix Human Capital?

Imagine collaborating with a partner anchored in unwavering trust who consistently prioritizes your interests.


We deeply understand the nuances of corporate dynamics and consistently deliver successful hires, time and again. Excellence isn’t accidental in recruiting, it’s an intentional journey.

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