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Case Study:

Seamless Talent Acquisition through Fractional Recruiting & Staff Augmentation.


Having trouble hiring for that difficult role?


WNDYR is a team of solution designers and implementation consultants that understands how the world works and are optimizing individuals and teams going through the process of work and operational transformation. 


Based in Dallas, TX, WNDYR uses data to zero in on the pain points of your current systems. Their world-class Adobe Workfront experts tame the tangle of platforms and tools so they're working for you, not the other way around.


WNDYR's recruitment criteria extended beyond just technical expertise. They were on the hunt for individuals who embodied their "people-first" ethos. Furthermore, the rapid pace of their growth demanded swift onboarding of elite candidates to adapt to their clients' continually changing demands.

Solution: Partnering with Helix Human Capital

To address this, WNDYR collaborated with Helix to usher in a fresh and equitable recruiting strategy. 


Helix's approach included:


Fractional Recruiting

Embedding a recruiting specialist within the WNDYR team allowed for a deeper understanding of their culture and needs. This facilitated a precision-driven candidate selection process, stepping away from traditional recruitment paradigms.


Staff Augmentation

Acknowledging WNDYR's dynamic environment, the Helix team demonstrated exceptional commitment, particularly when faced with pressing business demands, underpinning WNDYR's ambitious growth objectives.


By leveraging Helix’s innovative approaches, the results for WNDYR were transformative:

  • High-quality candidates from Helix became pivotal assets in WNDYR's expansive growth.

  • This collaboration ensured that as new team members integrated into WNDYR, there was a harmonious alignment of technology, processes, and team dynamics.

  • During crunch times, WNDYR found a reliable ally in Helix, with the latter often surpassing expectations


Helix's partnership with WNDYR epitomizes how staffing solutions should be attuned to a company’s core values and operational objectives. Helix’s modernized recruitment strategy meant WNDYR was powered by professionals who were technically adept and culturally aligned with their "people-first" vision. 


Beyond a mere business association, this collaboration into a genuine partnership, demonstrating the potential of collaboration in the digital age.

"Shea and the team at Helix have become an integral part of our team. Their model differs from traditional recruitment models. It is more equitable to both parties and ensures outcomes that benefit both. The candidates Helix have sourced have been a high calibre, and the hires we have made have enabled our business to grow and expand. The team have also gone above and beyond in particular circumstances to meet very urgent business needs. I recommend Helix, knowing that you will find not only a supplier but a partner who is willing to understand your business, its culture and its needs.”

Claire Haidar, CEO of WNDYR


Why Partner With Helix Human Capital?

Imagine collaborating with a partner anchored in unwavering trust who consistently prioritizes your interests.


We deeply understand the nuances of corporate dynamics and consistently deliver successful hires, time and again. Excellence isn’t accidental in recruiting, it’s an intentional journey.

This is what we offer you, and all our clients. No exceptions.

Contact our team of experts to discuss your hiring challenges.

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We'll be in touch soon!

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