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3 Effective Ways to Reduce Contingency Fees in Hiring

Finding the right talent is often a time-consuming and costly process. Traditional contingency fees charged by recruiting firms can further increase recruiting costs. Innovative ways to reduce these costs include building an in-house recruitment team, utilizing employee referrals, negotiating with recruiting firms, and partnering with progressive agencies like Helix Human Capital. Let's explore these strategies, emphasizing how Helix’s hourly recruiting model can revolutionize your hiring process.

1. Build a Strong In-House Recruitment Team

An in-house recruitment team can handle sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates, cutting down on the need for contingency recruiters.


  • Cost Savings

  • Efficiency

  • Brand Alignment

2. Utilize Employee Referrals

Encouraging employees to refer their networks can lead to quality hires without hefty recruitment fees.


  • Quality Hires

  • Faster Hiring

  • Strengthened Team Dynamics

3. Negotiate with Recruiting Firms

If needed, consider negotiating with recruiting firms to lower their contingency fee, although this approach may need to include the inherent benefits offered by Helix’s unique model.


  • Tailored Solutions

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Control Over Costs

While traditional recruitment methods often come with high costs, innovative strategies and partnerships can redefine the hiring landscape. Helix, in particular, stands out as a revolutionary partner in this space.

Partner with Helix Human Capital

Helix offers an innovative hourly recruiting model that is an industry game-changer. Unlike traditional contingency fees, this model aligns with your unique hiring needs, allowing you to increase or decrease capacity as required.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Helix's hourly model provides substantial savings compared to traditional contingency fees.

  • Flexibility: Adapt to the natural ebbs and flows of hiring by adjusting the needed support with Helix's flexible model.

  • Quality Assurance: Helix’s experienced recruiters ensure that only the best talent is selected, aligning with your company's requirements.

  • Seamless Integration: Unlike traditional contingency firms, our model allow us to integrate into existing recruiting functions or step in as the entire recruiting function.

  • Strategic Collaboration: We work hand in hand with your hiring managers to understand their needs and hiring strategies - to identify the ideal candidate for both the company and team.

By offering an hourly recruiting model, we ensure you can adapt to your hiring needs, overcoming the natural ebbs and flows of hiring. This model saves money and guarantees flexibility, quality, and alignment with your organization's goals.

The right partnership, such as the one with Helix, coupled with strategic in-house efforts, can transform your hiring process. In an era where every dollar counts and hiring the right talent can make or break success, embracing these strategies will place your organization at the forefront of the recruitment game. It will enable you find the talent you need without breaking the bank while positioning your company for continued growth and success.

Are you Ready to Take Control of Recruiting Costs?

It's time to explore a partnership with Helix Human Capital. With our extensive expertise and flexible hourly recruiting model, you can navigate the natural flow of recruitment with confidence and efficiency. You'll save on traditional contingency fees and enjoy a dynamic approach that adapts to your unique hiring needs.

Contact Helix’s expert team today to discover a more innovative way to build out your company’s talent and drive your business to success.


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