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5 Ways to Build a Diverse Team

Diversity in hiring is not just a moral imperative – it’s a strategic necessity. At Helix Human Capital, we pride ourselves on being experienced recruiting partners who are focused on diversity in the workforce and actively combat unconscious bias in recruitment. Here's how you can enhance diversity in your hiring practices:

1. Assess Your Hiring Process to Eliminate Unconscious Bias

We recommend investing in training for your in-house team and hiring managers to tackle unconscious bias when hiring.

  • Bias-Free Training: Seek DEI experts to educate your team on overcoming unconscious bias during the recruiting process.

  • Structured Guidance: Talk to experienced recruiting partners who can arm your company with the tools to help your team conduct fair and uniform processes.

  • Diversity Panels: Form panels that reduce unconscious bias in recruitment by ensuring a fair evaluation.

2. Enhance Diversity in Hiring Through Job Postings

With a strong focus on diversity in hiring, we recommend crafting inclusive job postings:

  • Gender-Neutral Language: Ensure your job descriptions are accessible and welcoming to all.

  • Removing Biased Requirements: Spend time removing any elements that may result in unconscious bias in recruitment.

  • Showcase Commitment to Diversity: Highlight your organization's dedication to diversity in hiring within every job advertisement.

3. Diversify Your Recruiting Sources

Diversity in hiring requires a multifaceted approach. We recommend looking beyond the usual channels to broaden your candidate pool:

  • Career Fairs and Events: Utilize your team’s network and seek to connect with events that foster diversity in hiring.

  • Educational Institution Partnerships: Create ties with diverse universities to mitigate unconscious bias in recruitment.

  • Online Platform Utilization: Leverage social media to ensure a broad reach, reflecting your commitment to diversity.

4. Boost Diversity through Internal Referrals

Excel at enhancing diversity by hiring through internal referrals:

  • Inclusive Referral Programs: Design a program to tap into diverse networks.

  • Align with Organizational Values: Communicate the significance of diversity in hiring within your company.

5. Seek Guidance on Tracking Diversity Metrics

Seek support from experienced recruiting partners with invaluable expertise in tracking and assessing diversity metrics:

  • Candidate Diversity Monitoring: Be familiar with best practices for monitoring the diversity of your candidate pool.

  • Hires and Promotions Evaluation: Learn the methodologies to help you evaluate diversity across different teams and organizational levels.

  • Strategic Recommendations for Improvement: Use data to create actionable steps to enhance your diversity efforts.

Be honest about how far along in the diversity journey your company is. Evaluating and refining your diversity strategies will take time to implement and require some financial investment.

With Helix Human Capital, engaging our services means immediate access to an experienced recruiting partner who offers hands-on support for all aspects of hiring, including navigating the complexities of diversity in hiring and unconscious bias in recruitment, with confidence and precision.

Contact Helix today, and let our experienced recruiters guide you toward a more inclusive workplace. We're not just recruiters – we're partners in building your organization's future.


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